Location Control

Location control without using radio waves technologies

Manage your location information with a few-centimeter accuracy. The smart camera Vieureka allows you to expand the monitoring area easily.


What you can do:


Detects Exact area

Clear detection area. You don’t need to be worried about radio wave interference anymore



Mapping people and objects movement


The Cloud & 0n-premise

Enable to manage location by on-premise server in the environment where it is difficult to use the cloud



Less affected by the surroundings and a few centimeter accuracy


Flexible Area setting

Monitoring and saving location information anytime - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Flexible Area setting

Configure easily multiple areas.


Easy Expansion

Easy to expand by just adding cameras.

Demonstration movie about our Location Control System


What makes our solution different

vieureka_image MortionBoardロゴ

Our solution is using the Vieureka platform provided by Panasonic

データを可視化するダッシュボード MortionBoardロゴ

Compatible with the Motion Board provided by WingArc 1st Inc. A data visualization tool that allows you to share the information

Use Cases


i-construction is a project for aiming to promote to use ICT (Information and Communications Technology) in the construction industry conducted by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport.
Penta-Ocean Construction Co., Ltd. adopted our solution to monitor the position of employees and Heavy machinery in their project to build a mountain tunnel.


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