If you are interested in promoting unique color code technology “Colorbit”,
please come to our booth 350 at RFID Journal Live! 2013 in USA in Orland Florida from
April 30th through May 2nd.



Business Solutions

Exhibition at Labelexpo America 2012 in Chicago

Colorbit® is a brand-new auto ID recognition code utilizing color. Although Colorbit® operates similarly to the conventional codes such as barcode and two-dimensional code, it is different. For example, slim files or CD/DVD cases are too thin to be labeled on their spines by the conventional codes while Colorbit® can. Multiple codes can be recognized in one-shot as long as they are in the same camera angle. Since Colorbit® is recognized by camera image processing system, the location data can also be provided. Thus, Colorbit® is uniquely useful for paper/document management.

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