Colorbit Offers Amazing Features

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Trading Card Game

To register the information relating with Trading Card Game becomes amazingly easy when using Colorbit. To arrange so many cards or find out the specific one among many is easy with fun. On-line fight with cards through internet is also possible. A lot of fun is available by using Colorbit.


“Iro Toru CB” is the application software to link Colorbit with contents on the web. Example it will be used for linking the data on the magazine for the campaign or linking with the signage, poster, coupon and others.

Rack System

Rack System is the new control system for documents and books using Colorbit. Android application and application software on the cloud database work together, and the location of documents and books on the shelf can be easily recorded. Eventually not only easily detect the specific documents or books on the shelf, but it can be used at the warehouse or storage also. Inventory control can be done very quickly, too.